“Biophilia is the innate emotional affinity human beings have for other living organisms. Innate means hereditary and hence part of ultimate human nature.”

E O Wilson

Earth Wall

What Is Biophilia

Biophilia implies that humans have a biological need for connecting with nature on physical, mental, and social levels, and that this connection affects our personal wellbeing, productivity, and societal relationships.
Over the last three decades the scientific and design communities have begun to recognize biophilia and perform experiments designed to prove or disprove the hypothesis that was first expressed by Erich Fromm in 1964. Erich hypothesized that humans are hard wired to recognize nature. Scientists are proving that biophilia, the innate human attraction to nature, is not a theory, is not a hypothesis, but is indeed fact. Think about it, we as humans have spent 95% of our evolutionary history in natural environments, its only recently that we have migrated into cities and urban environments. Its only natural that we feel a connection to plants and nature as this is our natural habitat.

Increased Productivity

The research has shown that by providing connections with nature in urban environments. Occupants of those urban spaces feel less stress which has shown to increase concentration levels, reduce absenteeism and increase employee productivity. As employee costs are usually the largest costs in any organization any savings that can be made in reduction of absenteeism can quickly contribute to the bottom line outweighing the investment in providing connections with nature.

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Increased Employee Retention

As a result of decreased stress levels research showed that participants were happier in their workplace, more engaged and productive. It has been proven than providing a happier workplace and investing in good workplace design increases employee retention. In an ever tightening job market increased employee retention is a key driver in almost any business today.


Building Wellness

The principles of Biophilia forms the basis for three international building standards.


Well Building Standard

Living Building Challenge

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