COVID-19 Updates 


Currently, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 within our community in Minnesota is escalating, and understandably, the changing landscape of awareness, sensitivity and solution is fluid.

As we all navigate the uncertainty through the outbreak, we want to communicate our readiness to act and willingness to support as we ensure our clients, their employees and clients and our team are both protected and kept informed.

As stewards of your workplace environment, we understand the sensitivity and seriousness of ensuring a safe and healthy facility. It is critical that we all remain as transparent as possible throughout this event.

The well-being, safety, and health of our people, your staff, your workplace and our plant life is our primary concern.

Business Continuity

Effective 11.59 pm Friday 27th March , Minnesota will be  under a shelter at home order until Friday April 10th at 5pm. We have transitioned our office and administrative functions remotely so our team can work from their homes.

Please notify us immediately if any changes or updates to the access to your facility or if your workplace has become compromised due to a potential or confirmed exposure.


Detail your response to us with the form link below or call us 651 646 4764

Continuity of Service

Our service to you includes  the supply LIVE, PERISHABLE PLANTS to your working environment that require human intervention to THRIVE!

Clients have asked, "How long will the plants survive without care, should our facility mandate a closure?"

That answer depends on a multitude of factors; variety & size of plant, lighting & placement conditions, time of last service interval, if planted in a sub-irrigation system, when the ambient lighting or HVAC systems are engaged, etc…

As the situation progresses, we anticipate an increase in facility access restrictions and closures.  In general, most of our live plants are supported to sustain service frequency up to two weeks. Plants potted in smaller sized containers (6" diam. and below), and seasonal blooming color will be the first impacted and mostly likely fail without our support. Medium to large plants will have a greater chance of survival with extended service frequencies as they have a greater moisture holding capacity and are able to pull from larger stored reserves.

We feel that great losses of plant life will be mitigated, as in a high-percentage of our accounts we have some form of water reservoir. Ensuring every plant has a consistent moisture delivery system, coupled with a recent service visit, we are confident that the majority of our plants will be able to maintain a 2-3-week service minimum with marginal stress and deterioration. All of our Horticulturalist have been instructed to water any displays they have been able to access heavily to maximize the chances of survival if visit frequencies are compromised.

THAT being said—if access to your facility becomes restricted, we need to PLAN NOW! Please contact us immediately either using the link below or call 651 646 4764

651 646 4764

760 Vandalia St Saint Paul MN United States 55114-1341