Covid 19

COVID-19 Updates 


Currently, the risk of exposure to COVID-19 within our community in Minnesota is appearing to be under control although the changing landscape of awareness, sensitivity and solution is fluid.

As we all navigate the uncertainty through the outbreak, we want to communicate our readiness to act and willingness to support as we ensure our clients, their employees and clients and our team are both protected and kept informed.

As stewards of your workplace environment, we understand the sensitivity and seriousness of ensuring a safe and healthy facility. It is critical that we all remain as transparent as possible throughout this event.

The well-being, safety, and health of our people, your staff, your workplace and our plant life is our primary concern.

Business Continuity

Back on the 27th March we transitioned the majority of our office workforce to work from home, we have been able to continue to service our clients throughout the pandemic and are grateful to our dedicated team that has continued to service the plants in our clients premises. 

Please notify us immediately if any changes or updates to the access to your facility or if your workplace has become compromised due to a potential or confirmed exposure.


Detail your response to us with the form link below or call us 651 646 4764

Returning to the Workplace 

  As Governor Walz has started to relax on some of the restrictions that were in place. We are re-configuring our office to accommodate social distancing, we have adapted our working practices to stagger shift start and end times and introduced new practices to reduce opportunities for transmission including the wearing of masks and gloves and increased cleaning protocols. If you need a copy of our preparedness plan call our office on 651 646 4764

  We can help you with your return to your workplace as well, as you make adjustments and review your office or lobby layout, consider the relocation of existing plants or the additional of more plants to encourage social distancing. The incorporation of creative plants displays can help create screens and provide a connection to nature which will increase your employees sense of security.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your new layout....

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