Design, Installation and Maintenance

McCaren Designs has a wealth of experience in designing, creating and maintaining interior Greenwalls.
We installed our first Greenwall back in the early 1990's at Cleveland Zoo in Ohio, here in the Twin Cities we have numerous walls in a whole range of sizes from small 3ft sq picture frame walls to grand walls complete with irrigation systems. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your investment lasts.

Design considerations when planning a Greenwall


The provision of adequate lighting is essential for the long term health of the plants. We work with lighting engineers to add specialist supplementary lighting to ensure that your greenwall will thrive.  An optimal range of 150 Foot candles must be available across the entire face of the greenwall  in ensure that the planting flourishes.


Which greenwall system to use?

There are many different greenwall systems on the market today, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our designers will assess each location and make recommendations as to which system is best used in each location.

Looking for more than a greenwall!

Our NAAVA range of greenwalls take biophillia to the next level! These walls actively filter the air by drawing air through the root system of the planting. Coupled with its own light source these versatile walls make a great addition to any space.

NAAVA Filtration wall

Let McCaren Designs experience create a fabulous greenwall in your office. 

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We offer a variety of different greenwall systems, and our design team will asses which system is best for your specific location.

Whether you are looking for a  25 feet tall wall in an atrium of something more modest. We offer both fixed and freestanding walls to bring your office to life.

With larger wall automatic irrigation systems can be utilized, however even with automation greenwalls will need regular maintenance.

Contact us to learn more, we can help from setting budgets through the whole design process, installation and then the ongoing maintenance.