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Rethink how you provide hand sanitizer in your lobby.

Are you challenged by having hand sanitizers on your reception desk that keep disappearing? We have creative solution for you, introducing the Clean Team Hand Sanitizer station. Partnering with a company in the UK we are planning to import these planters that incorporate a hand sanitizer dispenser ready for installation in the fall of 2020.

Classic clean design in two distinct styles, incorporating a 1.3 gallon hand sanitizer dispenser with up to 1000 dispenses before the bottle needs to be changed or refilled. For security the unique cam lock design makes replacing the bottle simplicity itself, while the copper coated front plate helps provide the safest of experiences for your visitors and staff. The top section has an area that can accommodate a live or replica plant making the unit about 5 feet tall overall.

Don't delay and act today to ensure you are included in our first shipment arriving this fall. Contact your McCaren Designs representative for a quotation. Order with us by August 10th to catch the first shipment.

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