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What are employees looking for in the workplace?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Office design trends often start in Europe and filter their way to us here in the United States. The info-graphic below was prepared before the COVID-19 pandemic, however the content is even more relevant today as we prepare to return to our workplaces.

As we review how we are going to be able to work together, collaborate and drive our business forward in a time of economic uncertainty, the effectiveness and productivity of every single employee will be even more paramount. Employers will be looking at how to optimize every single employees performance, a major contributor to how productive we are is the environment in which we work. We are all experiencing elevated levels of stress, both consciously and sub consciously, we are worried about loved ones more than ever. The commute from the parking lot to the office via the elevator and getting a temperature check as you come in, are stress points which we have never experienced before. It is human nature to be concerned about our health, everybody is constantly asking themselves, Have I got it? What if I'm asymptomatic? The questions just keep coming.

With this in mind it is important to really focus on the employees total experience in the workplace and add features such as plants and natural elements that encourage the feeling of wellness and a sense of calm whenever possible, this in turn will enabling them to focus on the tasks in hand and ultimately be more productive.

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