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What changes are we seeing in the future of workplaces?

Workplaces are going to be different, that is firmly established, there is a lot of discussion within the property management and design communities around what the new normal is going to be?

At McCaren Designs we believe that it is not necessarily going to have to be all change. Facilities and property managers along with the design community have long been in tune with the promotion of healthy work environments . The long-term changes needed could possibly be a fine tuning of strategies in office layout and design that are already firmly established.

Before COVID-19 feedback from building occupants consistently confirmed that they are looking for increased access to nature, that they understand the importance of access to natural daylight and that they are looking for enhanced indoor environmental qualities and advanced air filtration.

Creating outside spaces gives building occupants access to fresh air.

Focus on these principles has been part of many green building rating programs including Well and Fitwell towards which many companies have been working. The U.S Green Building council has recently announced that it is going to add LEED pilot credits as they are needed to encompass practical distancing, nontoxic surface cleaning and improved air quality as part of its accreditation which encompass more focus on health and well being within the LEED accreditation.

As we prepare and plan for the future, the focus on increased daylight, views of nature and a higher prevalence of the inclusion of biophilic design elements will play an important part of the health and wellness of the occupants of our workplaces. The benefits of these strategies by focusing on health and wellness will be better concentration, improved mental health and higher productivity of the occupants of the space. The alignment of the overall design and layout of workplaces will be key to aligning a building to its occupants’ goals and needs.

Inclusion of NAAVA greenwalls actively filtrate the air as well as add a biophilic element.

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